Penda Photo Tours

We are closely aligned with Penda Photo Tours; a company that runs photography workshops and tours around the world. The workshops are designed provide unique and inspiring photographic opportunities, and to help people become the best photographers they can be. The company and the trust are interlinked on different levels, and driven by the same vision; the believe in the power of photography. Penda Photo Tours funds all ongoing administration costs of the Penda Trust, allowing for the charity to run on a hundred-percent-model that means the total amount of donations can be used to fund projects.


Established in 1958, Cameraland is the longest-running photography store in Cape Town. With its central location and beautifully restored old building, it offers a wide range of photography equipment, as well as a funky cafe, a gallery space, and a roof terrace. Cameraland offer an opportunity to be a part of community of creatives who enjoy outstanding levels of service, a wide range of photographic gear to choose from and a unique space in which to recharge and be inspired.


Greenpop is a Cape Town based NGO that runs urban greening, reforestation, and eco-education projects in Southern and East Africa. And they do it with a difference; they make it fun, accessible, and valuable for everyone involved. While planting trees is an important and very beneficial activity, Greenpop believes that unless communities are actively involved in and incentivised by the process, no lasting environmental change is possible. We collaborate with both Greenpop and Ilizwe on annual photography workshops in Livingstone, Zambia, as part of Greenpop’s Festival of Action.

Contributing Photographers

Tyrone Turner

Tyrone Turner is an award-winning photographer and a regular contributor to National Geographic. Based in the US, Tyrone has traveled extensively to document a range of social and environmental issues. In addition, he is a project mentor for the photojournalism program at the Corcoran School of Art and Design and a fellow for the Institute of Current World Affairs (ICWA). We will collaborate with Tyrone in 2016 in South Africa, where he will be hosting workshops in underprivileged communities of Cape Town.

Sarah Isaacs

Sarah Isaacs is a portrait, landscape, and travel photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. A psychology post-graduate, Sarah quickly fell in love when she picked up a camera. She found her feet in travel photography, first working at Getaway magazine and then continuing her own travel through South America, Southern and Northern Africa, and parts of Asia. In Cape Town, she splits her time between commercial work and long-term passion projects.

Anita Reed

Anita Reed is a South African photographer based in Cape Town.  Her work has taken her around South Africa, Africa and Europe, and her clients include National Geographic, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and Doctors without Borders.