Our Story

Penda Trust was created by Patrick West, an American photographer and philanthropist. A strong believer in the power of photography to generate positive change, Patrick has been involved in designing, running, and funding charitable photography workshops for several decades. His experience in both non-profit projects and photography has given him a perfect position to effectively and sustainably combine the two. His work is now pulled together in Penda Trust; an independently functioning charity that uses the medium of photography to make a real impact on both a community and conservation level.

Penda Trust is supported by Penda Photo Tours; a company that runs photo workshops and tours around the world. Their aim is to create exclusive and inspiring photographic experiences to photographers of all levels. The two are closely linked; Penda Photo Tours funds all running costs of the charity, and clients on photography workshops are invited to contribute to our charitable projects. At Penda, we are using the power of images in the best possible ways.