Ibali Photography Collective: Week 6

Friday, September 22nd: For today’s workshop three lucky students set out to Muizenberg beach with Dave Fisher for a day of shooting and one-on-one guidance. As usual, we met in the geography lab with the Muizenberg kids available that Friday. However, Dave had something ready for us: the students would have a chance to leave the gates of the high school and experiment more of what they had been learning.

– Text by Gaia Rovelli, images by Fernanda Hurtado Ortiz

Out of the Comfort Zone

Stepping out of the school served to step out from their comfort zone. Nevertheless, this challenge brought some amazing results. The weather was cold and windy at Muizenberg beach, but the bright lights breaking out from the gray clouds provided the perfect setting for this practical session.

Ebenay, Merveille and Kyra had the chance to capture tourists walking on the beach, surfers, animals, interesting objects and amazing flowers. The students engaged in this challenge, making the most of Dave’s help while capturing their subjects. Within seconds the light would change drastically setting new challenges for the girls and opportunities to explore a new kind of light settings.


Muizenberg beach shooting session Muizenberg beach shooting session

Time to Create

Still, some of them preferred to chase original perspectives even if it meant getting a little dirty.

Muizenberg beach shooting sessionEbenay: “You see, if I lay on the floor on this bridge, then I can see all the guiding lines converging to the end of it, what we were talking about in class”.







Photos by Ebenay:

Muizenberg beach shooting session Muizenberg beach shooting session

Later, she and Merveille positioned a hand mirror in front of picked flowers, and shot directly into the reflection. They started to apply their own interests and creativity to the photographic opportunities. With Dave’s handy advice, they cooperated among themselves to get the best outcome from their initial ideas.

Unique Photographic Style

Muizenberg beach shooting session

Kyra: “My favourite kind of photography is landscape photography,” she said, as she kneeled in the wet sand to photograph the crashing waves on the seashore. She quickly stood up and tried to escape the swift tide appearing at her feet: waves are unpredictable, and being a photographer involves some risks..even getting your feet wet!




Photos by Kyra:

Muizenberg beach shooting session Muizenberg beach shooting session




Muizenberg beach shooting session

Merveille: “For sure, it is worth it to lay on the ground to take the picture that you want. You see things in a different way and I can frame them with a new angle from here.” Laying down on her stomach she positioned herself under a bench trying a new perspective.





Photos by Merveille: 

Muizenberg beach shooting session Muizenberg beach shooting session

Experiment and Have Fun

For an hour and a half the girls walked the beach and explored their surroundings, climbing the colorful changing shacks, laying flat on the ground near a puddle’s reflection, creating colorful bouquets and positioning the camera through a gate. The girls took advantage of this hands-on session in order to put into practice what they had been learning the past weeks, while adding their own style to it.

Muizenberg beach shooting session Muizenberg beach shooting sessionMuizenberg beach shooting session Muizenberg beach shooting session

Stay tuned and keep following the amazing adventure of the Ibali Photo Collective as they begin to produce their own photographs!

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