Ibali Photography Collective: Week 7

Friday, October 6th: While it’s a school holiday for most schools in the city, nothing is stopping two students from joining an outdoor workshop for the Ibali Photo Collective. Dave Fisher offered an extra practice workshop for those who could attend. With the hope to get them out of their usual environment the group set out to to explore the amazing setting of Kalk Bay Harbour.

– Text by Gaia Rovelli, images by Fernanda Hurtado Ortiz

Meeting point: Kalk Bay

With the smell of fish in the air and the sun warming the Kalk Bay pier, we joined Dave and the two students who were able to make the workshop. Ethan and Kaylynn went around the location to explore unexpected scenes and subjects, and practice their photography skills.
Fishermen, tourists, kids playing, sealions: all these elements animated the most colourful and interactive environment the kids have been dealing with so far.
But despite their excitement, most of them remained very much focused on what they have been learning, and were eager to demonstrate how they had retained everything learned from the previous workshops.

Kalk Bay Harbour shooting session Kalk Bay Harbour shooting session

Applying the classes

During the workshop, Kaylynn says she has been focusing on capturing the guiding lines with her shots, and this helped in emphasizing the subjects of her pictures.
Ethan is eager to show his achievements to Dave as he shows him his most recent photo on his camera ” in this case I implement the rule of the thirds and I choose where to position the subject with respect to the lines of the landscape. But in this second shot instead I wanted to capture a feeling: you see, there is this man alone, and it conveys some loneliness, it could have a story”.
Listening and guiding the kids throughout the workshop, Dave encourages them to do start applying their reflections on story-telling: “these are great shots. What you have to do now is to try to portrait something that you have never seen before, or portrait something in a different way.

From the Students

Kalk Bay Harbour shooting sessionKaylynn:
In this workshop I could finally practice landscape photography, which is my favourite style of photography. I have tried to be careful with lines, composition and movement, and it works!
But my main take-away today comes from the interaction with a dynamic environment: I was taking some pictures, maybe of landscapes, and all of a sudden something unexpected happened in what I was framing.  A bird, a person talking to you or a boat..you never know, but you can get the famous “decisive moment” when you would not expect!



Photos by Kaylynn:

Kalk Bay Harbour shooting session Kalk Bay Harbour shooting sessionKalk Bay Harbour shooting session Kalk Bay Harbour shooting session



Kalk Bay Harbour shooting sessionEthan:
I would say that my favourite kind of photography it’s landscape photography. I have loved today to see this setting and the effect that the sun has on your subject: light makes the whole difference, everything just comes out in a different way. Other than this, what I loved of this workshop were for sure to capture the movement and stories of a lively setting. I took a lot of pictures of animals, trying to freeze their movement, and I have had the best time in portraying them!


Explore & Experiment 

Independently Ethan and Kaylyn explored the harbor trying to capture different settings that attracted their eye while being conscious about their composition. Running around the pier, Ethan attempted to capture the seagulls circling the fish scraps “I enjoy photographing animals since they aren’t static and and overall fun,” he said with a smile as he proved that he had snapped a seagull mid air. On the other hand Kaylyn spent her time sitting patiently watching the waves crash against the rocks.  As she moved angles she tried to get creative with the lines and composition while trying to freeze the waves.

Kalk Bay Harbour shooting session Kalk Bay Harbour shooting sessionKalk Bay Harbour shooting session Kalk Bay Harbour shooting session

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