Ibali: Meet our Participants

Later this month, we’ll be launching our Ibali Photo Collective; a workshop program by photographer Dave Fisher that teaches photography to talented youth in Cape Town’s underprivileged communities. Through the medium of photography, the high school students, aged 16 – 18, are encouraged to raise awareness about important social issues in their communities, and voice their opinions. We’re excited to present our first group of enthusiastic participants. 

We’ll be kickstarting a pilot program at Muizenberg High School, where the initiative has been enthusiastically received by the Headmistress, Leoni Jacobsen: “I believe that the most important thing is for children to build confidence, awareness of the self and of our society, and independence. Our aim is to see this youth succeed, not to stay merely focused on school results. In three years time you will come back and you will interview some of the guys that took part in the project; you will see that some of them now study photography, or journalism. Because I believe this initiative will have had an impact.” The program has also been welcomed with enthusiasm by the students, and we’re so excited to present our selected participants! Below is an overview of our students.

If you’d like to find out more or contribute to this project, get in touch!


ibali participants 
“What I like the most about photography is that when you look at pictures most of them mean something, but not everybody can see what their real significance is. I like this aspect, this hidden meaning, and I think this is why some pictures are so great and can really make a change and do something good!”






ibali participants“[..] you can see much more in a picture.
If you take a picture. Twelve weeks from now I hope that I will have learned what a good picture is. I like taking pictures of the world: I see you now, but If I tell you to smile I will suddenly see something different, and you see..there’s a whole story behind!”





ibali participants“Through this workshops I hope to get confidence in my pictures..now, you know, some are good maybe, but some are horrible..I want to handle photography.

What I like the most about photography is that I can capture a moment, and that moment can tell a lot more than words can.”







ibali participants“Through the Ibali project I want to get a formation for a photography career one day.
I like to watch things, having people enjoying it and so on.
[..] And I am not like other guys that are in all clubs and so..I really like this.
That’s it.”





ibali participants“There are things that not everybody sees, and photography can help in this.

Once I gain photography skills with this workshop, I hope I will teach others as well how to make the most of them.
What I like the most about photography is that I can share my own perspective, get down from words to pictures.”





ibali participants“I am extremely interested- I mean, VERY much in this project!

And I want to see what my strengths are, I like pictures..I like what I can get with them from other people!
…I mean, it makes me build up as a person!
I like that even more than just displaying a pattern.”




ibali participants

“I didn’t know about the project until Ms. Jacobsen offered it to us so we joined. I hope my photographs will get better. I want to be a doctor but this will help me be more creative.”









ibali participants“I like photography because it gives a different point of view.
I didn’t actually know about the project but Ms. Jacobsen gave us the opportunity and decided to take it. I hope to to be a better photographer and maybe use it as a hobby to earn extra cash in a way. Its can show people who are hungry so that people who have food can decide if they want to give food way.”

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