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Non Profit Photography

Volunteer Program 

If you’re a keen photographer and you’d like to add some purpose to your craft, join us as a photography volunteer in Cape Town!


Our photography volunteer program is a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills, learn about nonprofit photography, and document the work of nonprofit organizations you feel passionate about. You don’t need to be pro to join; you just need to have a decent camera, basic photography skills, and an interest in giving back through photography. You can join us for 2 to 12 weeks. 

The Program 

During your first week as a volunteer, you’ll enjoy a nonprofit photography workshop by Anna Lusty, a professional humanitarian photographer. During a combination of theoretical learning and practical sessions, you’ll improve your photography skills, learn about the nonprofit sector in South Africa, and get a good understanding of how to document projects in a sensitive and effective way. The workshop will allow you to build confidence in your skills and to become prepared for the exciting projects you’ll be working on. 


From the second week, you’ll embark on individual photography assignments. Each week, you’ll be placed with a different charitable organisation. You’ll learn about their mission and different projects, and you’ll document their work throughout the week. At the end of the week, there will be time for post production, and you can donate a selection of your images to the organisation. 


After each week, Anna will help you reflect on your project, assess your work, and prepare you for the next week. 


Weekends will be time off, so that you can relax, explore Cape Town and its surroundings, and make use of the many photographic highlights the area has to offer. (We know we’re biased, but Cape Town is an incredible place!) 

Logistics & Support 

Accommodation, transport, and support are all provided during this photography volunteer project. We’ll pick you up from the airport, provide all necessary transport and support on the ground, and supply daily meals as well. You’ll stay in a gorgeous shared house on the outskirts of Cape Town, surrounded by beaches and mountains. You’ll share a room with one other person, though there are single rooms available as well.


This program is open for applications! There are specific start dates, and the program fees depend on your length of stay. 


                                     Keen to find out more or to apply? Click below! volunteer in Africa

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