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Ibali Photo Collective: The Culmination

Ibali Photo Collective: The Culmination

We are proud to share the final photos from the Ibali Photo Collective!

– By Juliana Connors

We’re proud to show you a final selection images from the Ibali Photo Collective, a collaborative photography workshop program by Cape Town photographer Dave Fisher and Penda Trust. At the end of 2017, we wrapped up the pilot phase of Ibali, and with great success.

Our students spent just over three months studying the basics of photography and learning how to use images for effective storytelling. In December, a selection of the students’ best photographs were printed and displayed at an exhibition at Cape Town’s Vega School. The images are a combination of photos taken around Muizenberg, as well as photos from local NGOs: Waves For Change, Tears Animal Shelter and SevaUnite.

Learn more about how we started Ibali Photo Collective or get to know more about our participants.

You can donate here to help the project to continue.

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