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Join a Photography Volunteer Project in South Africa

Join a Photography Volunteer Project in South Africa

This October, join us in Cape Town and to make an impact through photography

Are you passionate about the potential photography has to make an impact? Would you like to contribute to worthwhile social impact programs in Cape Town’s township areas? If the answer is yes,  we have an exciting opportunity to join a photography volunteer project in South Africa, this October. 

In December 2012, Canadian photographer Andrea Rees visited a nonprofit art and education centre in Khayelitsha, one of Cape Tow’s largest townships. Inspired by the centre’s model, which runs a number of entrepreneurship workshops for women in the community, Andrea spoke to some of the staff members about their goals and the different challenges the face. One of the centre’s limitations was their reach; they would be able to accomplish much more if they reached a larger audience of potential donors and visitors.

Andrea, who often uses iPhone for her own photography, got the idea of teaching the women at the centre mobile photography and social media skills, as a way to help them effectively spread their message. “It is a camera that can always be with you and is an affordable option especially as I sought to acquire donated used iPhones as iPhone users tended to upgrade regularly,” explains Andrea.

A year later, armed with her plan and a number of donated iPhones, Andrea returned to Cape Town and kicked off the Heart of a Woman Project. Through this program, she teaches groups of women how to take good images and how to post them in an effective way on social media. She also encouraged them to turn some of the best images into cards. “I added the idea of creating postcards from their images of life in Khayelitsha as a way to generate income for the participants and the centre as they already welcomed tourists and had an on-site art boutique. Six years later, the iPhones are still be used to share their products and events, and the postcards are still being sold.” (Read the personal story of one of the women who participated in the first workshop.)

This October, Andrea will be running another mobile photography workshop to women in Khayelitsha, and you can be part of it! As a participant, you’ll assist with running this workshops. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit a few nonprofit organisations and photograph some of the important social development work they are doing. You can donate your images to the organisations, which will help them with their communication and fundraising efforts. No experience is needed; anyone with a passion for photography and a desire to make a difference can join!

During this photography volunteer project, you’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the many travel highlights the Cape Town area offers, and do some landscape and wildlife photography. Andrea will be offering photographic tutoring along the way, so you can expect to sharpen your skills and come home with an impressive portfolio of images.

Find out more about this photography volunteer project in South Africa!

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