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Let's Trade: Prints for Impact

Purchase a print and the proceeds will go directly towards funding our Ibali Photo Club

We believe photography in the power of photography to create impact. Images can inspire, create conversation, and drive change. And - they can be an incredible addition to your home! 

We have curated a selection of incredible prints we are now selling to fundraise for our Ibali Photo Club

At Ibali, we are passionate about encouraging growth, confidence and creative expression to South African youth through photography workshops. Our mission to create an encouraging environment in which teenagers from underprivileged backgrounds can engage in a greater understanding of themselves and their world. 

Buy a print and join us! 

The Prints

Antartica, Penguins, LG

Penguins by Lucia Griggi

Wave, Antartica, Lucia Griggi

Wave by Lucia Griggi

Lion, EvM

Lion by Emil von Maltitz

Tree, EVM.jpg
Mountain, Lucia Griggi

Mountain by Lucia Griggi

Ocean, EvM

Coastline by Emil von Maltitz

Giraffe, EvMjpg

Giraffe by Emil von Maltitz

Forest, EVM.jpg

Tree by Emil von Maltitz

Forest by Emil von Maltitz

Buy a Print

Purchase a Print

Prints will be sold primarily in two sizes and price points: 


20 cm x 30 cm 

USD 38 / GBP 29 / EUR 32

30 cm x 45 cm 

USD 45 / GBP 35 /  EUR 38 


(excluding shipping)

If you are interested in a size other than what we have listed, please reach out. We would be happy to explore different options if possible. 

Purchases will be done through email inquiries. If you are keen to purchase a print, or have any questions, please use the below button to get in touch! 

We are so thrilled to offer this beautiful selection of prints. We cannot wait to invite you to hang impact on your wall! 

About the Photographers

Lucia Griggi

Emil von Maltitz

With her roots in the surfing, skateboarding and the outdoor adventure world, Lucia focuses on travel and adventure for editorial and advertising clients. 

She combines her English precision with Venetian creativity to capture the moment with clarity and wit. Lucia's work is fresh, vivid and full of energy.


Lucia's work has been internationally recognized and awarded by National Geographic, PDN, Windland Smith Rice International Awards, Black and White photography and the Masters Cup.

Emil von Maltitz is an internationally recognized South African landscape photographer and member of the International Environmental Photographers Association. He has been involved in photography for the better part of the last two decades.


After completing his post graduate degree in Anthropology, he opted to pursue his dream and turn his passion for photography into his career.


Along with freelance commercial and assignment photography, Emil spends time running a number of photographic workshops.

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